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This is an all italian story in the best tradition: a small laboratory that became a company with our current dimensions.

Thirty years of tough and stubborn drive, supported by solid moral and professional values, are the best credentials for those, like all of us at Alex, who operate in the market with models offering a perfect quality and price ratio. 

The industrial production process still based on true artisan craftsmanship. Expert skills, developed over years of careful and meticolous work. The sensitivity and intuition of the owners who are very careful to mantain the spirit of service that has always been the driving force behind Alex. This is love for quality, these are the harmonious elements that determinate the success of our leather goods. The search for quality is love: love for our work, for our leather goods. Quality was once the exclusive feature of the "high-priced" products; instead, at Alex, we have always taken special care of our entire line of oroducts and we understood that each model has its own life, its own appeal.

A single trademark and numerous products that all differ in terms of style, size and shape. Made in Italy in its most brilliant and lively colours in terms of quality and assortment.

ALEX srl Unipersonale

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64011 Alba Adriatica

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